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Sterling Park Capital is a full-service Private Equity firm. We initiate and manage deals primarily in the Real Estate, Technology, and Entertainment space. We welcome Institutional, Family Office and, High Net Worth investors to partner with us in our carefully structured investments. We have a robust deal flow, therefore investors can cherry-pick which deals to join. Structures can range from one large investor to several strategic ones. While we have an internal fund, we also operate on a deal-by-deal basis. Therefore, once a deal has been secured we provide our investors with concise and relevant information. This highlights the deal’s attributes, a clear business plan, and the target for investor returns. Investors then contact us if they require further information and are interested in participating.

Sterling Park Capital also provides time-sensitive bridge financing, to real estate investors, to fund the purchase of non-owner occupied residential and commercial properties. This includes bridge loans and real estate-backed lines of credit. Sterling Park Capital’s niche has been to concentrate on urban areas that have been previously ignored by larger developers and investors. We believe in investing in areas that have the potential for tremendous growth while also investing in the people and surrounding communities. Our experience and track record proves that there are lucrative opportunities in this space. The lack of liquidity in the credit markets and increased regulation of the banking industry, has restricted conventional financing as an option for investors, in fast-moving and competitive real estate markets. Sterling Park Capital’s mission is to help fill that void. 

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Sterling Park Capital is a private venture capital firm focusing exclusively on the real estate industry and related business ventures.

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